About the batteries

Why did we start?
The Vanon brand was founded in 2017 by founder Roger. Roger studied battery during his college years. After graduating, he worked for a battery company for several years and has a good understanding of batteries. One day in 2017, Roger drove the lawnmower to the weeds, but the machine suddenly no longer worked. From experience he knew that the battery was broken because he only bought it for $ 139 a few months ago. So he can only go to a retail store to buy a battery to complete his work. He went to several shops, but the prices for original batteries are very high. He thought that if there was a cheap alternative battery to choose from, it would be great. The Vanon brand was born a few months later. Back when the batteries were only sold locally, Jack hoped to be able to share the high -quality batteries from his own factory with all. It is Roger's ultimate goal to distribute its battery to all places in the world that use batteries. It is Roger's original intention to offer batteries that do not wear brand bonuses but are of good quality.

Who we are?
Vanon is Roger's own brand. Roger hopes to offer cost -effective batteries to all buyers who have no brand bonuses but are of super high quality.
We have dedicated ourselves to a wide range of batteries for power tools and other digital batteries.
We strive for advanced technology and satisfactory service to continuously improve the performance of our products.
We currently have our own camps in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Japan and EU countries. As the most important sales website in Europe, Dasbatteries has 10,000 users and more than 5,000 fans on Facebook.
Our goal
~~~ high -quality products
~~~ Great customer service
~~~ 30 days of money-back guarantee

How we developed?
Started in 2015 and sold in the USA
Sales in Australia in 2015
Sales in Japan in 2018
Sales in Great Britain and Europe in 2019
Our plan to include more countries to share our products with the world

Where are we going?
To offer various model options as a replacement for expensive and overpriced OEM batteries.
We are confident that our product (some models are already) are well received as a brand brand.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email: info@dasabatteries.com