For Makita 12V 3.0Ah Ni-MH replacement battery 2 pieces/PA12 1220 1222 1233 1234 1235
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For Makita 12V 3.0Ah Ni-MH replacement battery 2 pieces/PA12 1220 1222 1233 1234 1235

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  • CE certification
  • Fit with OEM products
  • With built -in protection

Specific elements:
1st voltage: 12V
2. Capacity: 3000mAh
3. Battery type: Ni-mh
4. Color: gray
5th guarantee: 1 year
6th fire: Vanon

1220 1222 1233 PA12 1235 1235B 1235F 1235A 192698-8 192681-5 192698-A 19313157-5 1233SA 1233SB 193981-6, 638347-8-2

Fit for: (please search with "Ctrl + F")
Makita SC Series:

Makita UB Series:
UB120D, UB120DWB, UB121D

Makita UC Series:
UC120D, UC120DWD, UC120DWDE, UC170D, UC170DWD

Makita VR Series:
VR250D, VR250DWDE, VR251D, VR251DWDE

Makita 1000 Series:
1050d, 1050dwd, 1050da, 1050dra, 1050dwa

Makita 4000 Series:
4013d, 4191d, 4191dwa, 4331d, 4331dwd, 4331dwde, 4331dwae

Makita 5000 Series:
5093d, 5093dwd, 5093dwa, 5093DZ

Makita 6000 Series:
6213d, 6213dwbe, 6216dwbe, 6216dwde 6217d, 6217dwdle, 6223d, 6227d, 6227dwbe, 6271d
6313d, 6313dwbe 6316d, 6316dwB, 6316dwbe, 6317d, 6317dwde, 6317dwdre, 6317dwfe, 6319dwfe
6835d, 6835DWB, 6835DWD, 6914d, 6914dwbe, 6914dwde, 6916d, 6916fdwde, 6916fdwde1
6917d, 6917dwde, 6917FDWDE, 6918D, 6918DWDE, 6918DWF, 6918DWFE 6918FDWDE, 6919nd, 6980FD, 6980FDWDE

Makita 8000 Series:
8413d, 8413dwde, 8413dwfe, 8414dwfe

Makita da Series:
DA312D, DA312DWD, DA312DWF

Makita ML Series:
ML120, ML121 (Head Lamp), ML122, ML123 (Fluorescent Automotive Light), ML124

1. Intelligent program protection prevents overload from
2. high -quality replacement battery
3. Compatibility with the original
4th lower price as the original OEM battery
5th no. Effect of memory.

A notice:
1. The battery must be fully loaded before the first application.
2. The battery is stored cool and dry.
3. Not separate, extrusion and impact.
4. Do not put the battery in water and fire.
5. Stay away from children.

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Maintenance of the nickel battery

1. When charging, the room temperature should be regulated between 10 ° C and 30 ° C. If the temperature is higher than 30 ° C, it is better to take cooling measures to avoid deformations due to overheating inside the battery. If the room temperature is below 5 ° C, this leads to inadequate charging. Impair the lifespan of the battery.

2. After a certain period of use of the battery, there are more or less inadequate loading and performance losses due to different levels of discharge and aging. In general, nickel cadmium batteries can be charged after about 10 charging and unloading cycles. The procedure is to extend the loading time to about twice the normal loading time. Specific examples are: Charge the NP-1 battery with the charger BC-1WA (B) from Sony. When the green light flashes, it will be charged quickly. If the green light no longer flashes, the quick loading process ends. The quick charge ends. If the drip loading time is extended, the dripping time is the overload time and the overload time is preferably 3-4 hours.

3. The loading and unloading of the battery should be operated in strict agreement with the requirements and specifications and avoid long -term overloading, overloading or frequent inadequate charging. Incomplete discharge, long -term deep discharge with low power consumption or short circuit when using the battery are important factors that lead to the battery capacity decreasing and the lifespan is shortened. In the long run, illegal operation not only affects the use, but also on the capacity and lifespan of the battery.

4. The loading process of the battery should be completed at once. The current cannot be switched off halfway or the battery is in a high -temperature state after completing the quick loading process and is switched on again so that the charger quickly charges the battery, which leads to an overload. In the operation, the battery should be replaced in good time if the battery alarm indicator flashes to avoid excessive discharge of the battery.

5. The nickel cadmium battery does not have to be charged and stored long, but must be discharged up to the final voltage (warning light for camcorder battery flashes) before it is packed and stored in the original packaging box or laid in a cloth or paper and dry 1. Store in a ventilated place.

6. If the battery is not used for a long time, it must be fully charged before use.


Maintenance of the lithium battery

1. The lithium battery should be kept in a cool, dry and safe environment.

2. Do not place lithium batteries near heat sources, open flames, flammable and explosive gases and liquids, as this can lead to battery covers, heat generation, smoke, fire and explosion.

3. If the lithium battery has to be stored for a long time (longer than a month), it is recommended to charge it to 40% -60%. The warehouse time must add the battery for 1-2 hours a month.

4. During the storage of lithium batteries, it should be avoided that metal objects get into the battery box. This can lead to the battery expires, warmed up, smokes, burns and explodes.